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Tithe and giving envelopes are  3 5/8" x 6 1/2" white 24 lb stock, and will accommodate checks and currency without folding to fit. 
Your tithe envelopes can be customized with the church name, address, phone number and designations as to where the money is to go.
You can add your church logo to your tithe envelope for a personal touch. Click here for pricing

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Security style tithe and giving envelopes
Style# 35510
#6 3/4 envelope
3 5/8" x 6 1/2"

tithe envelope 35510 three and five eighths inch high by six and one half inch wide

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The security style tithe envelopes have a large flap that covers both credit card and personal information when closed.

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Security Tithe envelopes are available in white only

Prices shown are for your customized tithe envelopes Printed in black or blue ink
and include printing on all four panels on the envelope.

Red or Green ink is an additional $7.50 per 1000
All other Colors are an additional $17.50 per 1000


Tithe and Giving Envelopes
Quan Price
500 $185.48
1000 $210.83
2500 $364.95
5000 $518.05
10000 $918.20
15000 $1,235.30
20,000 $1,567.80
25,000 $1,752.50
30,000 $1,931.00


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