Raffle Calendar Instructions
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Raffle Calendar Instructions and Ideas

Here are the basics. You pick a month far enough in advance so that your organization can sell as many as you think is needed (and more hopefully) to make your goal money. The calendar is set up for that month with a prize amount or donated item for each day. The buyer fills out the bottom raffle stub which is perforated to tear off. Stub is put in a drawing container. When the month (time) arrives, you draw one raffle stub for each day, either one each day, weekly, or all at once at a preset date and time. The person whose name is drawn gets the amount printed on the calendar for that day.

The calendar shown on our web site has prizes totaling $940.00.
The order was for 6,500 calendars, approx 6.9 times the prize money if all were sold at $1.00. In this case we do not know what the calendars sold for. The price of the calendar should be printed on the calendar but this customer did not know at time of printing what they were going to sell it for.
There isn't any really, except to make money. 

Prize amounts, items to be given and profit is decided by your organization, we typeset to your specs. Sell price is what you think you can sell in your local area. $1.00 each, $5.00 each, 6 for $5.00, 15 for $10.00, etc. We have seen these priced as high as $25.00.

We suggest that you set up amounts so that a realistic number you can sell and calendar price will equal approximately 4 - 5 times prize money you plan to give a way. 

For distribution to your helpers, order at least 25% to 30% more than you need to sell to get the above percentages.
Month of December . Prize money per day: 1st to 21st @ $25 = $525, 22nd & 23rd @ $50 = $100, 24th & 25th @ $100 = $200, 26th to 30th @ $25 = $125, 31st @ $50 = $50. 

For a total of $1,000 prize money. Minimum sell goal is at least 4,000 @ $1.00  -  2,000 @ $2.00  -  1,000 @ $5.00  or  500@ $10.00 each.
Set up the drawing in conjunction with a Vegas night, dinner meeting, shopping center promotion, radio station that will help donate time, etc.

Your local business clubs may even participate in helping you sell the calendars. If you have the Kiwanis and Optimist clubs in your town approach them. You may even get them in a friendly competitive battle for the most sales. 

You can donate an extra $100 or $200 to the club with the most sales and a smaller amount to the looser. This is a win-win situation.

Check out your local Bingo parlor. Have them sell for you or let you sit in on a secession or two and give them a 10%-15% commission on the sales.
Hopefully we've not confused you too much, but it is hard to set a hard and fast rule to this kind of thing. It is fairly new as far as fund raisers go and people like the 30 - 31 chances of winning. Only you know what the traffic will bear in your town.

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